Marumori: Out-of-Season Appeal of Chojuro Jiro Kaki

In the quaint streets of Ohira, Hamakita Ward, the vibrant orange hues of Jiro persimmons adorn the landscape during autumn, a sight synonymous with the renowned Marumori Farm. The brain behind this unique agricultural venture, Teruyuki Morishita, not only cultivates the nationally acclaimed persimmons but also utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce remarkably fresh corn.

A Journey Into Agriculture

Morishita was not always a persimmon farmer. He started off as a part-timer on a persimmon farm during his high school years before exploring the world of hairdressing for four years. Unlike many of his friends who decided to pursue a stable career in their homeland, Morishita decided to take a brief overseas stint working in a factory.  His ventures into non-agricultural pursuits came to a halt as he finally settled down with his current wife, who hails from a persimmon farming background. After settling down with his wife, Morishita’s father-in-law invited Morishita to work in his persimmon farm which eventually prompted Morishita to become independent and start a persimmon orchard of his own at the age of 30.

The beginning of his career as a persimmon farmer was not an easy journey. Initially, he struggled to grow persimmons well and found it challenging to replicate his father-in-law’s techniques. While grappling with these difficulties, he was also almost running out of capital to keep his business afloat given the oversaturated persimmon market flooded with surplus supply but minimal demand. This situation poses a challenge for Morishita’s business. Due to these challenges, he came up with an alternative approach of growing persimmons out of their season, but how should he go about it when he was struggling to produce quality persimmons? That’s when he met his mentor Yasunori Adachi, a seasoned persimmon farmer from the same region.

Mentorship, Efficiency and Innovation

Unlike Morishita, Adachi has been cultivating persimmons for over 60 years, starting from his junior high school days. Adachi’s persimmon cultivation methods are notably more efficient and faster than those of other farmers. This became evident when Morishita, despite having only a day to learn from Adachi, swiftly grasped the ‘chokashi’ pruning technique. This method transformed what would typically take 15 to 20 minutes of work into a mere three-minute job! Motivated by the success of this technique, Morishita conducted further research and decided to uproot a row of persimmon trees, enhancing navigation within the farm and increasing the efficiency of his staff members. Although Morishita’s innovative approach raised a few eyebrows, the quality and quantity of his yield remained unaffected.

By breaking away from the traditional practices, Morishita not only revived his persimmon farm but also expanded into corn cultivation with remarkable success.  His story serves as a reminder that potential lies beyond conformity, and it’s through innovation that new possibilities can be explored. This is apparent through Morishita’s persimmons as its flavour profile is unlike other persimmons.

The Chojuro Jiro Persimmons from Marumori Farm boast a Brix level of 16 degrees, which is 2 to 3 degrees higher than that of your average persimmons. The appeal deepens further when it’s fully ripened, as it can reach a Brix level of 20 degrees. In contrast to the commonly sold Fuyu persimmons, Jiro persimmons from Marumori Farm exhibit a firmer texture. This distinction is attributed to the use of a special type of plastic packaging that maintains the activity of water molecules within the Jiro persimmons, reducing the likelihood of spoilage in a short period. Consequently, the shelf life of Jiro persimmons is notably longer than that of regular persimmons. Over the years, this fruit has become a highly coveted fruit within the region due to its distinct flavour and texture.

Sweet Elegance: Chojuro Jiro Persimmon captivates the palate with a delightful blend of honey-like sweetness. 

Smooth Succulence: When fully ripe, the persimmon exhibits a smooth texture, complementing its succulent and rich flesh. 

Versatile Flavor Profile: Chojuro Jiro Persimmon is a versatile fruit, appreciated for both fresh consumption and culinary use. Its nuanced flavors make it a popular choice for various dishes.

If you are a fervent fruit enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out on these premium Chojuro Jiro persimmons. Grab them before the season ends!