Cultivating Abundance: A Look Inside Food Forest Farm   

High in the cool climes of Sigar Highlands, nestled amidst the Titiwangsa mountain range that spreads across Perak, Selangor, Pahang and Kelantan, lies Food Forest Farm. Not quite the average agricultural operation; it is a thriving ecosystem meticulously designed using permaculture principles. 

Food Forest Farm is a family business run by co-founders Albert Khoo, Nancy Knoo, Billie Tan and Peng Keat Khoo. Inspired by a vision of a whole forest of food that grows naturally and perpetually providing nutrient-dense food to all humanity and all living beings. Food Forest Farm embarked on their journey in 2011, from setting up an integrated farm that sustainably produces multi-crops all year round with the ambition to produce a bounty of fresh, nutrient-dense and pesticide-free food in a sustainable and resilient way.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Food Forest Farm prioritizes eco-friendly practices, plus it is part of their Sustainable Farming Protocols, to ensure their produce is not just delicious but also kind to the environment. Located in the second most important hotspot in the world, the Sundaland hotspot, according to the United Nations Global Environment Facility, Food Forest Farm leverages the dynamics of the ecosystem and most definitely the weather to ensure that all crops that are farmed and harvested are nutrient-dense. 

The road towards improved and better sustainable practices is not an easy one, that’s why Food Forest Farm, through many years of experimentation and trial-and-errors, have become experts of the matter by using clean energy and energy-efficient Agritech systems and premium non-GMO seeds, planting only heirloom seeds all the way from Holland and Japan. Their farming procedures run successfully on a closed-loop Autopot system; a plant-driven fertigation system that runs with barely any power.

Pesticide-Free: Building Resilience Against Pests

Food Forest Farm boasts countless harvests that are free from a wide range of synthetic pesticide residues that may be harmful to human health and the environment. The secret lies in their detailed care they give to their plants and also their hunger for knowledge. All in the effort to ethically farm healthy and pest-resilient crops as part of their basic principle and unique methods when it comes to pest and disease management. They regularly maintain clean greenhouse conditions whilst giving attentive care during all stages of the plant-growth cycle.

The whole of Food Forest Farm functions as one, holding up to the main sustainable farming protocol by being resilient in the work of ensuring a pesticide-free environment and that all soil and water sources that are used are clean. And all harvests are made up of crops that are resilient to pests as well as to certain weather conditions all year round.

A Blend of Nutritional Diversity and Produce Assortment

Embracing a variety of crops allows Food Forest Farm to foster a sustainable bounty of nutritious and chemical-free food. Though they practice placing more focus on growing better and healthier crops compared to playing the usual volume game, and are not easily swayed by market trends, they still have a diverse range of food crops that aim to provide necessary nutritional diversity in our diet. 

Their selection of premium non-GMO seeds that their crops are harvested from were all carefully sought out while having the local climate and agronomical traits of the seeds in mind, and most importantly, the unique and durability aspects like taste, appearance, harvest yield, shelf life and homogeneity.

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes
Round ones, oblong ones, different colored ones from cherry black, red, yellow to orange, explore a range of tastes and aesthetics with 16 different varieties to choose from.
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes
Tomatoes that have fully absorbed all compounds and sugars which allow them to be fully ripened and mature.
A favorite of many consumers, and definitely a favorite of the farmers at Food Forest Farm.
French Beans
With considerably less fiber due to less climate stress, these french beans boast a higher brix level than those in the market.

Food Forest Farm offers a glimpse of their passion at what food production can truly become, allowing nature to thrive in harmony whilst the bounty of earth is shared responsibly. All that they aspire to do definitely does not come easy and are not immune to challenges. Through thorough understanding of the land and environments, Food Forest Farm places serious efforts to maintain a very low carbon footprint. They pay careful attention to the nature of the crops they choose to grow and harvest, the pairing of the crops to the growing and farming methods and the overall physiology of the food they farm.

If you’re a restaurant owner in the Klang Valley, you can easily purchase Food Forest Farm’s produce from the Secai Marche platform. All you have to do is get in touch with Secai Marche on their social media accounts or head to our SECAI MARCHE Farm-Direct platform Buyer’s Page to place your orders. If you do not have a registered account with us, please drop us an email or a message, and one of our designated sales representatives will contact you promptly.