Hidden Gem: Discovering the Unique Flavors of Sushi Hibiki

With over two decades of global sushi expertise, Executive Chef-Owner Makoto Saito Sam refined his craft in Australia and Italy before founding Sushi Hibiki in Malaysia in 2018. Affectionately known as Chef Sam, his culinary journey boasts a notable tenure at The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto.

Chef Sam maintains that the essence of dining transcends the cuisine, extending to the entire experience. “While excellent sushi is fundamental, the atmosphere and companionship are equally crucial in creating unforgettable dining moments,” he asserts.

Located on the ground floor of Four Seasons Place, Sushi Hibiki may initially appear concealed, yet discovering it proves rewarding. Guests receive a warm and attentive welcome upon arrival, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

At Sushi Hibiki, Chef Sam leads a celebrated centre of Japanese cuisine, twice recognized as one of Malaysia’s Best Restaurants. Following its renovation in 2022, the restaurant has been thoughtfully designed to embody its exact vision. Despite its focus on traditional fare, Sushi Hibiki attracts a varied clientele from across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Spring Harvest on a Plate

Sushi Hibiki delights diners with the “Spring Veggie” (山菜 Sansai) dish, a tribute to the season’s freshest produce, enhanced by pristine Japanese mountain vegetables sourced from Secai Marche. This dish skillfully blends traditional Japanese flavors with dynamic new elements, such as Takenoko, Taranome, Nanohana, Urui, Kosomi, Warabi, and Fukinotou, enriched by Soramame and Yurine. These components are masterfully combined with Sumiso, Bonito Flakes, and Awayuki salt, along with Hotaruika and Akami, culminating in a full sensory celebration of spring.

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