Fresh Studio: Premium Greens with Uncompromising Quality

With a strong commitment to growing crops of superior quality in texture, taste and aroma, Mr. Lee- the founder of Fresh Studio- situated his farm at Batu 49 in the cool climes of Cameron Highlands in Pahang, and thus began his journey as a dedicated farmer more than 10 years ago.

Mr. Lee discovered his passion and interest in growing his own crops through an event of chance when he decided to visit Cameron Highlands. With 20 years of experience as a seasoned vegetable seller, he was determined to source only the highest quality crops. Frustrated with the lack of quality produce that was available on the market, Mr. Lee decided to try his hands in growing his own produce.

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Ten years later, through his own efforts and guidance from mentors, combined with thorough research on the best farming methods; Mr. Lee developed his own method of farming by adopting the hydropot system and incorporating the usage of organic fertilizers. Leveraging his experience as a former vegetable seller, he places a huge emphasis on the handling of produce post-harvest, understanding the needs and importance of fresh and high quality produce. Therefore, Fresh Studio utilizes their own cold room to store their post-harvest produce, keeping them not just protected from the harsh sun and rain, but also from dehydration in order to prolong the longevity and freshness of the produce.

Fresh Studio specializes in growing a variety of produce, amongst which the bestsellers are their wasabi mustards, baby spinach and a whole assortment of herbs. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Wasabi Mustard
Serrate leaves that offer a sharp and peppery bite similar to wasabi and have accents of horseradish and mustard. Can be eaten raw, stir-fried, steamed and even pickled.
Baby Spinach
Soft greens with a sweet and mild flavor. Perfect for tossing into a salad for a pop of vibrant color.
Wild Rocket (Arugula)
Miniature green leaves with a peppery punch and a hint of nutty taste. Perfect for adding a lively kick to any dish.
Sweet Basil
Warm licorice and minty aroma that has some peppery notes. Versatile and perfect as garnish for any dish or adding a burst of flavor into any beverage.
Salad Mix 7 Types
Made up of Green frisee, red frisee, yellow frisee, red chard, red oak, baby spinach and rocket. The best of all worlds.

Currently, Fresh Studio only supplies to customers in Malaysia via Secai Marche and to selected merchants in Singapore only. Partnering with Secai Marche provides Fresh Studio  with an extensive support network that includes supply chains and direct sales channels, keeping in line with Fresh Studio’s mission statement of supplying the freshest and highest quality vegetables.

If you’re a restaurant owner in the Klang Valley, you can easily purchase Fresh Studio’s produce from the Secai Marche platform. All you have to do is get in touch with Secai Marche on their social media accounts or head to our SECAI MARCHE Farm-Direct platform Buyer’s Page to place your orders. If you do not have a registered account with us, please drop us an email or a message, and one of our designated sales representatives will contact you promptly.