Nagamatsu’s Treasure Trove: Higo Green Melons

Have you ever yearned to savour the exquisite taste of Japanese melons? Well, now you can indulge in this delightful experience right here in Malaysia, flown in directly from Kumamoto, Japan!

Renowned for their exceptional fragrance and flavour, Japanese melons have long held a special place in Japanese culture, often serving as cherished gifts. Just as there is a variety of melons cultivated across Japan, their prices span a wide spectrum, catering to both budget-conscious consumers and those seeking a more luxurious selection. But what makes these Japanese melons so special and different from the rest of the world’s? Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

One of the key factors setting apart Japanese melons is the meticulous care that goes into their cultivation. Japanese farmers have honed their melon-growing skills over generations and their commitment to quality is unrivalled. In addition to that,  they have mastered the technical aspects, ensuring precise monitoring of nutrient and water management that goes into these melons!

And that’s precisely why you should grab this opportunity to savour the exquisite Higo Melons cultivated on Nagamatsu’s farm. Farmer Nagamatsu has dedicated years to tending these Higo Melons and all his dedication has ultimately paid off. These melons are now renowned and prized for their smooth texture, delightful fragrance, and surprisingly sweet taste.

But how does Nagamatsu Farm stand out from ordinary melon farms? Well, they have earned quite a reputation for cultivating the highest quality melons in Kumamoto, taking pride in a unique technique where each vine produces only one melon, similar to muskmelons. Just imagine the tremendous amount of labour and effort invested in this!

Due to that, Nagamatsu Farm’s Higo Melons have spread far and wide, creating high demand throughout Japan. These melons are so coveted that only a lucky few in the country enjoy them. Their rarity and exclusivity make them a symbol of luxury and refinement.

The “知季侑 ChiKiU” Grade of Nagamatsu Melons offers an extraordinary sensory experience. Weighing between 1.5 to 1.8 kilograms, these melons add a substantial touch to any culinary creation. Sporting a remarkable Brix level surpassing 16. Now let’s explore the remarkable attributes of Higo melons:

Delicate and Slightly Floral Flavor Profile: Higo melons present a delicate and slightly floral flavour profile, distinguishing them from more common melon varieties. This subtlety sets the stage for an exceptional taste experience.

Refreshingly Sweet, Not Overly So: The Higo melons are refreshingly sweet without overwhelming the palate. This measured sweetness is one of the hallmarks of their exceptional taste.

Tender and Juicy Texture: Every bite of a Higo melon is a tender and juicy delight. The texture is so inviting that it practically begs you to take another bite.

Here’s a fun fact about Higo Melons: the term ‘Higo’ refers to the old name of Kumamoto, the very place where these delicious melons are grown. Typically harvested during the summer season by hand, from late June to early August, Higo melons are considered a  luxury fruit in Japan. Some of the most sought-after ones can fetch a remarkably high price at auctions. In fact, a pair of Higo melons were once sold for a record-breaking sum! Recognizable by their smaller to medium-sized dimensions, distinctive rough netted skin, and vibrant green colour, Higo melons stand out from the crowd of ordinary cantaloupes.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of Farmer Nagamatsu and their unique cultivation technique, the Higo melons offer a luxurious and exclusive taste experience. Reflecting the exceptional care and labour invested in these melon’s production, the Higo melons are highly sought after and coveted in the gift giving culture of Japan.