Secai Marche: Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Restaurants

The Inspiring Story of Secai Marche’s Co-founders, Ami Sugiyama and Shu Hayakawa

Everything is a blur in today’s fast-paced culinary world, hence why sourcing quality ingredients directly from farmers is a challenge often overlooked. However, thanks to the vision and dedication of Ami Sugiyama and Shusaku Hayakawa, the two founders of Secai Marche, what was once a challenge has now become an opportunity to connect both farmers and the F&B industry seamlessly. Let’s dive into how Secai Marche came about and revolutionised the industry within 4 years!

The Secai Marche Advantage: Connecting Farmers and F&B Businesses

Through a shared vision, Sugiyama and Hayakawa launched Secai Marche in 2018 to streamline agricultural logistics and provide consumers with a transparent farm-to-kitchen process, offering fresh and valuable products. The e-commerce platform’s goal was clear, to bridge the gap between farmers and F&B businesses, simplifying the procurement process. 

However, Secai Marche’s journey goes beyond this connection; it’s about fostering a sustainable future and elevating the culinary landscape. By championing farm-to-kitchen practices, they not only promote transparency, freshness, and product value but also empower local farmers through supporting small-scale agriculture, and contributing to the food industry’s overall development. Sugiyama and Hayakawa’s unwavering dedication has transformed Secai Marche into a pivotal platform that eases the journey for chefs and farmers, revolutionising the procurement process to be more efficient, transparent, and mutually beneficial. As the culinary landscape evolves, Secai Marche stands at the forefront, uniting passionate chefs with dedicated farmers to create a sustainable future for the industry. So who exactly are the key people behind Secai Marche’s success?

Ami Sugiyama: Cultivating Success with Passion and Expertise

Ami Sugiyama, the CEO and Founder of Secai Marche, is a force to be reckoned with, bringing a background in Exercise Science and corporate health management. Through her passion and keen interest towards the intersection of health and food, Sugiyama ventured into importing and exporting Japanese tea and even ran a successful café in Malaysia after completing her studies abroad in the United States.

Through her business ventures, she identified an ongoing concern that has haunted F&B businesses for years. Sugiyama observed that it was challenging to transport ingredients from the farm directly to the kitchens while also keeping most of the produce as fresh as possible to eliminate wastage. This issue was further compounded by the fact that, in addition to fresh produce being hard to source, it often comes with a hefty price tag, making it a significant concern for businesses in the industry.

Determined to resolve this issue, Sugiyama gained valuable insights and experience at Deloitte Tohmatsu, which ultimately paved the way for her to establish Secai Marche. Her journey has been driven by a profound passion for the intersection of health and food, leading to the creation of a platform that bridges the gap for the benefit of the F&B industry.

Shusaku Hayakawa: Pioneering Innovation and Growth

With a background in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, new energy and agriculture, Shusaku Hayakawa, the co-founder of Secai Marche’s, expertise is invaluable to the company’s growth. Having held key positions in both indoor and outdoor agriculture industries, Hayakawa brings a wealth of experience in the technical consulting and business development area.

Hayakawa profoundly understands the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector. As the overseer of Secai Marche’s R&D department, he ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of innovation and is adaptable to the evolving needs of customers in the market.

Empowering the Culinary Community: Secai Marche’s Impact

Today, their platform fosters collaboration between around 650 food establishments and nearly 400 farmers, both local and from Japan. By partnering with Secai Marche, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other F&B establishments gain access to a wide range of high-quality ingredients directly from local farmers. This saves valuable time and effort and ensures that the ingredients used in their culinary creations are of the highest standard.