Liang Kee Fresh Eggs: Happy Hens Lay The Healthy Eggs

When it comes to the food on our plates, the origin matters. Liang Kee Fresh free-range eggs testify that happy hens lay the best eggs. LK Fresh is a farm located in Ipoh, Perak, and it is the only farm in Asia with a Certified Humane certification for its free-range eggs.

So what is the Certified Humane certification? Well, it is a recognition of LK Fresh’s unwavering commitment to humanely treating their chickens. It adheres to the strict standards set by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program, and these standards encompass a nutritious diet without antibiotics, a comfortable shelter and resting area for the chickens, and ample space to roam and engage in natural behaviours. The result of these ethical practices is a superior quality product that caters to both taste and conscience.

This is why LK Fresh is known for their eggs! Many chefs prefer using eggs from LK Fresh not only because they are Certified Humane but also because their eggs are simply that delicious. LK Fresh eggs are known for their yolks, which, aside from having a high nutritional value, also have a distinctive flavour. It is described that the yolks have a deep, golden hue and a distinct savoury flavour as compared to conventional eggs. And this is all because LK Fresh chickens are free to roam around and are given natural nutritious feed as a part of their diet plan.

Aside from the inside, the outside matters as well! Here’s a little-known fact about eggs. After using up the eggs, you’ll find yourself with a heap of eggshells. So, what do you do with them? Toss them into the trash without a second thought? Well, there’s a more eco-friendly and beneficial alternative to handle these wastes. You can repurpose those seemingly discarded eggshells into a natural fertiliser. Eggshells aren’t just waste; they’re a valuable resource that can give back to your garden. These calcium-rich remnants are renowned for their potential to deter garden pests such as slugs and snails, making them a natural ally for your green spaces.

We had the privilege of hearing from the owners about one of LK Fresh’s holistic approaches to egg production. This innovative and unique method involves classical music piped into the barns! While this may be unfamiliar to many of us, the introduction of music aims to create a soothing and relaxed environment for the hens, fostering a sense of well-being that is conducive to the laying of larger eggs. Such attention to the emotional and physical needs of the chickens sets LK Fresh apart as a leader in ethical and sustainable egg production.

Another integral component of their holistic approach to ensuring healthier chickens and exceptional egg quality is their focus on chicken feed. LK Fresh chickens are exclusively fed with 100% natural, specially formulated probiotic feed. The farm firmly believes that the quality of the feed directly influences the quality of the eggs, adhering to the philosophy that better-fed animals produce a superior product.

In today’s world, where sustainability is the new normal, it has become our responsibility to ensure that the food we bring to our kitchens is ethical and environmentally friendly. This commitment serves to preserve the environment around us, maintain the highest quality standards, and uphold our social responsibility. With LK Fresh, fulfilling this responsibility becomes more accessible as they prioritise animal welfare, environmental concerns, and the satisfaction of consumers.