Honyama Matcha: Tea from Japan’s Alpines

Nestled in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, Honyama tea is well-known as the Gift Tea to the Tokugawa Shogun, and also considered as the origin of tea in Shizuoka. 800 years ago, it was told that a Buddhist high-monk named Shouichi Kokushi, brought a tea seed from China to Ashikubo, an area on Abe Mountain in Shizuoka, and planted the first tea tree.

Their tea leaves are grown in the mountains where the Abe River and the Warashina river basin are and this is ideal because they build a very thick fog that makes for the perfect natural curtain, shading the tea farms on the slopes of the mountain. Plus, the short daytime and number of hours that the leaves are exposed to the sun, is precisely how Honyama tea gets its high amino acid content and thicker taste due to the slowed-down growing speed of the leaves. 

Honyama tea is produced from the Yabukita cultivar. The flavor profile of this cultivar is one with a strong umami and refreshing aftertaste. This is also how Honyama tea leaves have a natural sweetness in its aroma, umami and leaves behind a sakura-like after-taste flavor to those that drink it. And for consumers in Japan, this particular taste is usually described as familiar or nostalgic. 

Let’s take a look at the variety of Honyama matcha that we offer on our platform.

Honyama No. 3
Well balanced between bitterness and umami, suitable for barista and baking use.

Honyama No.6
Brighter green, rich aroma, higher umami. Suitable for pure matcha or barista use.

Matcha Tokusen AA
High in sweetness and rich umami. Perfect for tea ceremonies and barista use.

Honyama Wakatake
Rich flavor and strong umami, pairs well with any dish. Suitable for lattes and matcha desserts.

Honyama Wakaba
Good balance between aroma, umami and astringency. Suitable for lattes and matcha drinks.

With so many varieties of matcha powders catered for various uses, all that’s left is to unleash your creativity and inspiration when it comes to infusing matcha into your culinary ideas. If you are matcha-holic and would love to know more about what Secai Marche has to offer, head to our SECAI MARCHE Farm-Direct platform Buyer’s Page to browse our matcha selection. If you do not have a registered account with us, please drop us an email or a message, and one of our designated sales representatives will contact you promptly.